singleThread is a community for the best answers to the most common coding questions

We're the place for authors to submit the best answer to the most common coding questions. We encourage open minded debate and discussion.

Our Principles

Don't waste time

We spend too much time solving low value problems that have been answered before. You can find 150 answers online but 50 of them will be out of date, 50 will be too specific for your use case, and 49 of them won't work. We hope to give you the best 1.

Our singleThread grew out of frustration in knowing that a lot of what we were building wasn't novel or exciting. Every web application involves 90% of the same functions: verifying inputs, processing data, and presenting information. Even so, it still takes too long to find the best ways to do these things.

Answers require curation

Languages, frameworks and libraries develop at a speed faster than unmoderated content can handle. The best answers have to be curated, reviewed, debated, and challenged from time to time. Otherwise we have to

There's a best way to do it

Each coding problem can be solved in a variety of ways. That doesn't mean it should be. Given the right level of abstraction, we can write code that solves problems in the best possible way for humans to understand and use.